B Series

The excellent welding performance (E/B Series)

  • The advanced control circuit guarantees the quality of your project by producing a very stable welding current.

  • Digital display, easy for reading.

  • The panel is consisely designed with users' habit, which is very easy to operate.

  • When using CAAG, the presettable current makes the operation easier.

  • Once the welding mode is set to SAW or ESW on the panel, the power source automatically sends the control signal to the welding tractor to make it switch its wire feed mode to constant rate or variable rate automatically.

Well-designed convection system (E/B Series)

  • The induced draft structure, convects the heating elements evenly in the case, with no blind corners.

  • Features of B Series Power Source

  • High reliability design, the temperature rise is quite low even at 100% duty cycle. Suitable for working at high current in a high temperature environment for a long time.

  • Equipped with high capacity control transformer, meet the demand of high power wire feed mechanism of strip cladding machines etc.

  • The PCB is improved for its corrosion resistance to tough environment.

  • Suitable for highly overloading industry such as spiral pipe and thick-walled wind power tower.