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CEA S.p.A. is one of the European leaders for the design and manufacture of professional welding machines resulting in a wide range of Arc Welding and Plasma Cutting Power Sources and in a rich selection of Resistance Welding Equipment.

CEA, unique for its extensive range, is one of the best known companies in the world which offers such a variety of industrial welding equipment.
Today’s world moves fast but CEA constantly looks to the future and is focused towards technological innovation, this is why large resources are constantly invested in research and development to manufacture avantgarde products in a modern and innovative design, whose projects, strictly adhering to all relevant European and International Standards, are conceived and carried on by a highly qualified and expert team of internal researchers and designers.The utmost care in the manufacturing process is obtained by strict quality checks carried on through the entire manufacturingcycle from incoming material reception to the final strict computerized product test fully satisfying the Total Quality criteria.

This is why CEA, first among Italian welding equipment manufacturers, easily reached the ISO 9001 certification since early 1994.
Technological innovation, product reliability and design, excellent welding performance, high quality standards and, last but not least, “people” are the secret of CEA’s growing success in so many worldwide markets

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