H Series Tractor

H Series Tractor

The convincing high reliablitily

  • The imported special wire feed and drive motor with durable steel seat stablilize the performance.

  • The steel structure is more durable.

  • Four wheel drive, the more powerful drive motor stabilizes the travelling and improves the ability of cable dragging.

  • The protection against short circuit of control cable prevents damage to the PCB caused by internal short of control cable, short between control cable and the workpiece or the output cable.

  • Anti-interference of high frequency, which prevents damage to the PCB caused by high frequency and voltage generated by the working argon/arc welder around the SAW machine.

The excellent welding performance

  • The advanced control system guarantees the quality of your project by producing a highly stable welding current.

  • Digital display of welding parameters, easy for reading.

  • Welding current, voltage and speed are presettable, which has good repetitivenss.

  • The touch sensing fuction, with the precise control of retracting, makes the arc striking easier and get a ignition rate of 100%

  • With the laser indicating the weld, even in dim conditions it can work properly without creating visual errors.

  • The tension adjustable wire reel with damping force avoids the wire disorder caused by excessive tension.

Multifunctional Welding Tractor

  • It has two wire feed mode, constant rate and variable rate. Suitable for constant current and voltage power source.

  • H Series tractor ca make electroslag welding with consumable electrode simply by changed few components

  • Adjustable in multiple angles to adapt to various SAW processes.