PPN 28PPN 28
PPN 53

Both PPN 28 and PPN 53 fully satisfy a wide range of the industrial applications are equipped with microprocessor control, safety concomitant side buttons, electric pedal and solenoid valve, upon request they can be fitted with special controls to suit any special configurations.


  • Lower round arm with adjustable height and lateral adjustment.

  • Electrodeholders with electrodes for spot welding and possibility of easily fitting barholders for projection welding.

  • Inferior arm holder can be rotated for use with larger arm gap.

  • Upon request

  • Also available with different length arms (Optional)

  • Inferior arms with pressed-in electrode (for welding pipes or similar) and longer electrodeholder on the upper arm (Optional)

  • Special version with platens only for projection welding (PPN 53)

PPN 83
PPN 103
PPN 153
PPN 253
PPN 83, 103, 153 and 253, all supplied with lower platen adjustable in height and fitted with T-slots, enable the quick assembly of barholders, of electrodeholders or any dedicated tooling for a specific application.
Platens gap is easily and quickly adjustable without any intervention on the secondary circuit (patent pending).
Manual valve for upper head descent without pressure for cleaning, centering and ordinary maintenance of the electrodes.
Upper head linear bearing driving system for precision welding (except PPN 83)