Plasma Cut 40

PLASMA CUT 40i, built according to the very latest INVERTER technology, represents the most efficient solution for the manual cutting of any metal and perforated lamination sheet. The electronic control, coupled with inverter precision and flexibility, allows to determine the most correct parameters to obtain high quality cutting in function of material and thickness. Lightweight and handy single phase PLASMA CUT 40i with PFC is the ideal choice in car body repairs, agriculture and maintenance.

PFC - Power Factor Correction (Cos f=1)
The wave shape of the current drawn from the mains is made sinusoidal by the PFC device with a consequent total lack of harmonic disturbances in the mains and consumption optimization, which enables to utilize the power source at full range on a 16 A fuse. The PFC circuit gives the machine a wider protection against mains voltage fluctuations, by also making it safer whenever being operated by power generator sets.


  • Arc parameter electronic control for an excellent cutting quality

  • Cutting parameters stability within +/- 10% mains voltage fluctuations Long lasting consumable parts

  • Innovative and user friendly design

  • Robust handle integrated into the chassis

  • Control rack protection cover

  • IP 23 protection class and dust-proof electronic components, thanks to the innovative ”Tunnel” fan cooling system, allow their use in the toughest work environment

  • Electrode wearing and improper operation signalling

  • Possibility of cutting grids and perforated lamination sheets

  • Contact cutting possibility without sliding blocks or other spacers

  • Central connector for the torch

  • Built-in filter with air impurity automatic expulsion